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Location-Code-List 3.4 Austria

The so-called Location Code List (LCL) represents important basic information for RDS-TMC based traffic messages. The LCL is also a basis for the data exchange between different traffic information centres.

The LCL contains selected federal-, state- and innercity-roads in addition to the Austrian motorways and expressways. In addition, important point of interests such as junctions, tunnels, intersections or parking spaces are defined along these routes.

ASFINAG coordinates the further development of the LCL on behalf of the federal ministry of transport, innovation and technology (BMVIT). This is carried out in coordination with Austrian partners such as the operator of the Austrian RDS-TMC service (ORF), the ÖAMTC and the federal states. Relevant update information for the LCL will be harmonized centrally, then aggregated and finally certified by TISA in accordance with the existing quality specifications.


The current LCL version 3.4 is distributed with a free license to all traffic information service providers. ASFINAG must be notified of the agreement to the Terms of Use and the respective purpose of use of the Austrian LCL prior to receipt. After announcement of the Terms of Use and successful verification, the current LCL will be sent by e-mail.
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